Crazy Faeries - they are everywhere! (Marathon - Day8)

s you may already know traditional printing is one of my favourite artistic activities at school and, therefore, I'm making my Master of Arts in this workshop (short explanation - in our university we have to choose between traditional printing/painting/photography/design/digital something and others and make something, what we decide on our own, in a technique connected with those workshops. Also you have to write a project which can be connected with your work but it's not a must). I have a lot of problems with my general idea and how should the single works look like. For example now, I'm thinking about changing this illustrative style of my works into more modern one by adding to them colourful objects and making compositions out of them. So it won't be a single picture but a big sheet of paper with a composition made of 2-3 pictures in the style I have now and few additional ones looking like made with a coloured pencil... I should give it a try and find out what comes out of it.

On Wednesday we had an exam on our traditional printing classes so before that day I wanted to push my works further in their accomplishment and even start another one to make it look as if I have been working hard ;] I've spend almost whole Tuesday at school making prints and throwing those matrices into an acid every now and then. I was at home after 9 p.m.! >o<

The work with a bathtub is the first I've started (not on Wednesday, earlier you silly ;3) and I've been re-doing it so many times to make it fit the picture I have in my mind that my teachers have started to complain about the slow progress. But I think it's better to make it slow and have a nice effect in the end without any mysterious additions which came no one knows where than make it quick, have a similar effect but also some elements not finished or be not convinced to the result.

Another work is the one with a bus and a bus-stop outside. I really like this one because there are so many characters there: me, faceless faeries, the Queen of Green, fellows with no paces from some of my other works, the big faceless angel (she's faeries friend) and someone with a tentacle - boy, that's a very happy party :D It's a finished work.

This one, though, it's not finished and I'm wondering how to manage it... It's a sunny place presented so I can't just make it black or dark with the lines. However, it can be good to use as the first in me new idea of works - it doesn't have a closed composition so I can easily add something here and there. Hmmm... I should make a project... Going back to the image - I love the idea :) it makes me smile every time I look at it. Those faceless faeries are funny creatures ^^

I've started another work but I've forgotten to take a photo of it. I'm thinking about working on those pictures during the holidays (which I already have) so I will probably show you the progress as soon as I make some :3


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