Forest Maker (Marathon - Day4)

I thought I would not have time to create anything on Friday because we were going on a Selector Festival with my <3 but there was a longer unexpected brake during classes at university so I did the outline to my work. An outline is a good start ^^

When we finished our classes we were going on the railway station almost at once. There would be no fun with no stress so the bus was late and then late again and we were close to not catching our train but, fortunately, it was late too :D Ridiculous ;P

When in Cracov, we ate our favourite ice-creams and went on foot to the place where the festival took place. It was a bad idea, I can say it now, since after all those walking, jumping, standing, jumping and walking back my feet fainted and I felt not-that-great ;] But my face wore a broad smile all the time C:

The stage with Franz Ferdinand on playing :) They gave an amazing show <3

I did not have much sleep lately, all because of the Sims 3, but I still create! And I have finally finished this one :3 Lovely, isn't it?

It's some kind of a Forest Spirit, the one that makes trees. Firstly, I thought it will be a ghost but I've ended up with a colourful thing that looks like an enormous worm.
Nice =:3


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