Messenger - Illustration Friday

This year is quite weird. We had no real summer in Poland - whole summer holiday period looked like autumn. It rained almost all the time and the sun hid itself somewhere. Then came autumn (the real one) so the weather stayed the same. Now it should be middle of winter and it hasn't snowed here ONCE. It's only a bit cold. I'm getting bored of autumn ;P

However, all those autumn colours are too fabulous to not use them.

 So here's my messenger of autumn who came too early and stayed too long :)

You can buy this picture in my Etsy shop.



  1. Great illo! Yes quite sweet! Lovely colors! :D

  2. Wonderful work, this is so sweet! I know the feeling, we had a really early summer and autumn and I don't see the winter coming just yet! Happy holidays!

  3. We have the same warm winter in the US. Cute little autumn messenger.

  4. Cute, and I really like the colours. Well, the situation has been similar to Austria.. I would want loads of snow or spring breaking through now. I'm sick of this eternal autumn.

  5. Love his shiny red nose! We've had rain, rain and more rain and no real hot days which is odd for summer in Australia :)


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