Miś (Marathon - Day5 + The Drawing Day 2009)

When we came back from Cracov in the morning and slept for another 6 hours (you need some sleep after a whole night of jumping and those tiresome journeys via PKP) I was ready to work again! :) But! The Sims 3 had a première on Friday and I got a pre-order exclusive pack from my parents on Children's Day therefore we went to the shop to get the box with all that stuff. There were some problems but, after all, We installed them on my Calliope (PC) and gave it a try till the end of the day. Oh that was fun :D It ended with my <3 playing a sim-him and me drawing. Because it was a DRAWING DAY 2009!

I think it's a great event, this drawing all together on the whole planet, but I would change some things. For example I would not make it on Saturday because, although some people have free time then, some were travelling, visiting family or had other various things on their minds. I think that during the working part of the week it is easier to sit down to drawing. OR it can be as it was claimed on Sunday when I visited the DRAWING DAY 2009 page - the whole weekend is the drawing day. That was better than only Saturday :)

On Friday I found out about this tragedy http://million-dandelions.deviantart.com/journal/23567443/ and the project connected with it. After crying my eyes out I decided that I'll draw a bear on the DRAWING DAY 2009 which will be my part of the bear's book.

I know some people are horrible and there are crimes of all kinds committed from time to time but it always shock me when I read that it happened to somebody personally. I don't know this girl, nor I didn't know her husband, but when I see their photos on DA, always with smiling faces - it just hurts to look :/ I can feel my humanity bleed in the shame that some units of my kind have predispositions and are willing to do such a dreadful thing.

To make me smile again I made my bear a quasi-fairy :) everyone wants to ba a faerie, you know? ;P


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