The last day and the new start (Marathon - Day24; Worn - Illustration Friday)

I'm a bit too sleepy to be writing a new post here but I want you to know what's happening and what I'm doing and why it's been so long since I showed you something.

First of all, I have about 4 hours to sleep before taking my luggage and getting to a railway station and on my journey to art camp, about 6 hours of it if I remember properly... It will be a very long, very boring and very sleepy journey but I'll manage - what other options do I have? ;3

Because of this art camp I won't be available to show you what I did for the A Piece A Day Marathon but no worries, I'll show everything as soon as I come back - 10 brand new works. But you can be sure I will make much much more of them and show them all (or almost all) here.

About my very own Creating Marathon - Day24 is the last day I've managed to do without too many delays. I would make the rest of them - till number 29 but because of few circumstances I was unable to:
1. On Friday 26th of June I was out of town getting my Bachelor of Arts. It was quite easy actually ;) but the whole day went so fast and when I came back home it was too late to do anything :/ But look what a pretty picture I will have on my diploma :3

2. On the next day, Saturday, my whole family went on my Grandpa's Nameday party and we were back on Sunday evening! I have a lot of time in-between but while picking strawberries I've hurt my right thumb and I was unable to hold pencils, pens and even my tablet pen :( It was shitty. So I've started reading my Because-You've-Got-That-B.A.-At-Last present:

I've went through the first book in one day. Incredible story, better than the movie but I still like it, though. However, my sister Kate told me it's a very very bad thing to read good books that quick so now I'm not even in a middle of the second part and I'm taking only it ('New Moon') on the art camp so I will have limitations in daily reading to not finish too quick. Reading good books is complicated. You want to know how everything will ends so you read all day long without any brakes and when you read four books in 2 days you feel like shit because you've read them too quick. So you want to read them again, in a slower pace, but it's not the same when you are already aware of the ending. Uh! I had that when I read the last part of the Harry Potter - I was devastated and so unhappy that I've read it. Not because it was bad - because I would like to read it again and again and always feel the same anxiety and curiosity.

3. It's a lame excuse, I know... I was spending a lot of time with my <3 now, before the art camp, just to make it less tragic to not see each other for 10 days. It sounds melodramatic ;P

Here is the last piece of my own marathon - Day24.



  1. Ooooh, I really, really LOVE the drawing!! Beautiful. And I feel you on the books...I'm exactly the same...I get to excited and read to quick...and its never the same as the first time you read it!


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