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On Saturday I went with my Love and his friends to Warsaw on a Fair or Exchange or Market (or whatever it's called in English) of everything connected with having your own terrarium :) There were snakes and bugs there, fancy plants and rocks, lizards, butterflies and a lot of terra-equipment. I took photos and here you can see some of them.

Love's friends wanted to buy chameleons - 2 for each of them.

Let's start :3

A bit of snakes. Believe me - there were so many of them everywhere!

Pastel lizard ;P

Bugs :3

Hiding lizard :D

Little crabs ^^ Cuties!

Another pastel lizard :)

Hairy spider :)

Fat frog ;P

Bug on a banana :3

Snails. They were huge!

Mantis :) (I think...)

That's quite sad - food for snakes and other reptiles.

And this is Miłosz :D One of Love's friends' bought him. He's tiny and very mobile.

And this is what I liked the most! :D

Isn't he cute? *^__^*

Photos at home - Miłosz is climbing up the plant. While later he was as green as those leaves :)

This is a female that friend bought. Unfortunately, she wasn't healthy enough :/ Now there's only one chameleon left...

In two months time I'm supposed to call the hedgehogs' owner and check if little hedgehogs are ready to be taken away from their mum - and then I will have my wery own hedgehog :D I just can't wait!! >o<



  1. jak to "and I will have my wery own hedgehog" ??! to będzie nasz wspólny jeż :> zapomniałaś już? :>

  2. @Anonimowy

    Nasz, nasz ;> ale sam mówiłeś, że prawdą będzie jeśli powiem 'to mój jeż' ;>


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