Bunny's garden

On Tuesday I went together with my sisters on a little party organized by Bartosz. There were few people there - as usual most of our friends didn't have time or enough will to come. Still, it was fun :)

Two of those friends who came didn't know that this will be a small birthday party! :D Kuba and Paulina will have their birthdays soon so we decided to make them birthday cakes and give them opportunity to make a wish before blowing out candles.

Here is a birthday cake I've made for this occasion. It's with chocolate and oranges and it's my favourite :3 What's more - it's the first cake I've ever made and it came out as good as the ones my mum makes ^o^

And here's a gift for Kuba on his birthday :) I've chosen a cactus so he won't kill it too soon ;P I've painted the pot with flowers and a bunny - the same one can be seeninside the pot with a watering can in her hand (because it's a She :)).


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