Another drawing time!

A week has passed and we have met again to draw. The same as a week ago my friend, Monster Princess, was inventing the topics and themes. Let's see what came out of it this time :)

1st theme: W cieniu światła latarni (In the shadow of the lamp's light)

This one was made by Kuba.

And this one was made by me :)

2nd theme: Jeśli To znajdę to... (When I find IT I will...)

By Bartosz.

By me.

3rd theme: Tajemnica łyżki herbaty (The mystery of a tea spoon)

Made by Kuba.

And by me.

The themes get more and more complicated >o<


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  1. Always love your strong sketchs, girl! Keep on the good work! The more complicated, the better.....hahaha......


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