Rainy and cloudy day...

... there is today :/

I've started my entry for Double Evil kiriban contest held by Trenchmaker. At last! I have only 2 days to finish it and, you know what?, I don't have a colour I must use in this piece >0< It's a drama.

So I've only made a pink base.

And then added some yellow, red and white and I don't have purple nor certain colours to make one :(

I also started painting a bracelet and earrings for myself :) they won't be pink - it's a base colour. They will be brown, green and golden, since those colours suit my vision of Faceless faerie Cats *nods with approval*

Now let's get down to something that doesn't need purple paint to be made...



  1. wchodzi Ci ta drewniana bransoleta na reke? ;-)

  2. @Anonimowy

    Wchodzi bo to jest wersja BIG :) takie normalne to nie wchodza, niestety ;)

  3. BIG wersja dla BIG mychy! :>


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