Boring school day

The more boring school day it is, the more sketches you make during it.

That's a rule :)

Today it was incredibly boring but it seems that next time it will be even more drastic...

A sketch of IF's 'Pattern' topic. The dress will have some pattern on it; don't know what exactly yet.

IF's "Germs" topic. WOW! It's up-to-date :D Here you can see some germs with which I will make something - you will see later :3

A sketch of characters and composition of my entry for "Double Evil" contest organized by Trenchmaker. I think I'll use oils to make this one. Or acrylics if I'll find some money to buy missing colours :)

A sketch of Children's Illustrator's past theme - Dusty Attic. This will be made with oils. I already have a proper canvas!

The same as above but the theme is recent - Trick or Treat and Other Misdemeanours.

This one is a sketch of another contest entry - Your Fantasy World Contest. This will be made in Photoshop, I can feel it in my bones :3

So many ideas! Now I have to get down to work!


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