Bat story - sketches

I am commissioned to make illustration to a story about a bat who wants to be a bird. When they will be finished the whole thing will be available at WuŻecik page. Right now you can see my sketches :)

There will be 9 illustration, rather small ones.

1. The bat dreams of being a bird.
2. a Quarrel with the bat's mother about being who you are supposed to be.

3. The bat becomes a boss of all the bats and he says being a bird is cool and other bats should collect feathers for him and themselves.
4. Bats go and look for feathers.

5. the bat looks with disgust on his own wings (other bats are coming back to tell him there are no feathers on the ground. The bat decides to steal feathers right from birds' wings)
6. Feathers in da haus. The bat makes himself a bat.
7. The bat wants to show other bats how fabulous it is to have feathers. Bat's mum worries a lot.
8. Wings with feathers on them are too heavy for a bat and he falls down and brakes his wings.
9. Bat's mum heals the bat. Bird are not angry on bats for stealing their feathers, what' more, they give some beautiful feathers to the bat to make him happy. However, the bat is not happy at all :(

It's a quite sad story for me.


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