Drawing time!

There will be many drawings here, so prepare :)

Don't know if you know that I and my friend Bartosz are aiming to become some kind of game creators - those responsible for 2D and 3D and concept art and so on. There is an University in Poland that educates in this certain field and we want to study there. On of the tasks that you have to pass to study there is creating something that a "jury" tells you - you go there with paper and pencil and no one knows what happens next ;P

That's why we've decided to practice our skill of instant drawing and creating complicated ideas that may get you through that stage of examination.

It looks like this - someone tells you "flower pot attacking a big city" and you have 15 minutes to draw it. Composition and character/scenery design are important.

I won't analyse the drawings here, just show them and tell the theme :)

It started with me giving a drawing theme for Bartosz - Drake and Elliot, two characters from the "Tunnels 2" book. I've described them and their situation shortly. This is what came out.

Then Kuba gave a theme for me and Bartosz - futuristic knight with some traditional elements.
This a bit ancient-like belongs to Bartosz.

This pirate-like belongs to me :)

Next one! My friend Monster Princess came and from now on she was the theme master and we 3 were drawing.

1st theme: What will your shadow tell you.

This is mine.

This belongs to Bartosz.

This one also.

This was made by Kuba.
2nd theme: My corner, my hiding place.

This is mine.

This is made by Kuba.

Bartosz decided he don't know what to draw so I gave him another theme: A super flying pig chasing with a balloon with dots. He made it a bit wrong because the balloon was supposed to have dots and I thought about a big balloon, the one where you can sit in a basket ;)

3rd theme: There characters described by their appearance, not behaviour.

Zenek made by me.

Zenek made by Bartosz.

Mirabella made by me.

Mirabella made by Bartosz.

Frolik made by me.

Frolik made by Bartosz.
Zenek, Mirabella and Frolik made by Kuba.

This was fun :) Wait for more to see ^^


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