...today is. Weird weather ;P

In the morning I went to buy ultramarine acrylic to finish my work and the snow outside was quite dramatic. In the middle of autumn!

My camera does not see the colours that my eyes see so I must tell you what there really is - there is no pink there. No pink in the way my camera sees it. The whole work is mostly deep red, orange and warm yellow. Only the little cow is a bit pink but still pastel!

I wanted to make purple shadows but after making one I decided it was a bad idea ;P so then I had a big brownish blot on left.

Red shadow looks much better. But you can't see it ;P

I made the background. It looks nice in reality :3

Here's the finished piece. I tried to take a proper photo of it but is useless - it's too pink and my camera thinks it should be like that. Then I scanned the piece - it looks better but excellent (my scanner is useless too, it has always been...). Tomorrow I will go and scan it in advertising agency - maybe they have better scanners. If not, you will have to see my scanner's version. I'm sorry XD


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