The Fallow - introduction and progress

My Love's parents have an allotment with a little "house" there and they've asked me to paint something, anything, on a wall inside to make the whole place look more interesting. Love told me to paint a tree and you will see it in a while but first - introduction of the place :) We call it Ugór - The Fallow.

Ant. There are a lot of ants there! (And spiders too!)

The only two apples that an apple tree gave this year ;P

Cat. Looks creepy if you ask me...

Blueberries. All eaten :/

Wild strawberries. They taste like a bubble gum :D

Raspberry bush. All raspberries are eaten, unfortunately :(

Fungi. I tend to squash them :3

Though they look quite nice ^^

Pontoon. Would look lovely with fish or frogs inside :)


And here's the tree :) It's only the beginning.

My Love helped me a lot :*

I was drinking orange tea most of the time ;P

Almost finished! One branch is too thick, must be changed.

Only few small touch-ups to go. This is how it will look when totally finished - with pictures in the rectangles. Love's mum has to make a dark red coverlet for the bed that's there and then it will look all right :)


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  1. koniec świata! Ugór w internecie! do czego to doszło... ;-)
    btw; piłaś cytrynową, a nie pomarańczową herbatę :>


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