On Thursday I've showed my youngest sister how easy it is to make jewellery with beads. She enjoyed it a lot (what surprised me since she such a quick child and you can not "use" beads in a quick way) and after picking most girly beads from my stock she created a bracelet and a necklace. The heart is made of polymer clay (the same I've used to make the kittens for my earrings) and it's with the letter Z for Zorro or Zuzanna (Susanne it English) :3

My sister's Zuu's set made by herself :)

Then, on Saturday, while having a break in studying I made a pair of earrings similar to the ones I've made for my sister Kate (can't show them now, they'll be a present :3). I've meant to tangle the last lace of the beads around the two previous laces. I've added the big red bead also (my <3's idea) to make a contrast.

Tajemniczy Ogród (Secret Garden)

I like how they look but since I want to consider tangling things in my next jewellery stuff I'd prefer to know more opinions about this idea.
I will leave this pair as it is now but if you think that they're too tangled, look to heavy or just seem that I've made few mistakes while doing them, tell me so - I'll take that into consideration while making another ones :D



  1. moja idea ;-)

  2. Anonim if I good czyta its Ur blog ? hmmm? but I good widze its Adelaida's blog ! so I dont think so its only Ur idea ! Do I?

  3. Wow. I think it better like it is now. Sometimes when you change from your first idea that pop up in ur mind, you'll end up not liking the end result as much..(huhuhu,that's me..)Love it.

  4. beautiful designs!!
    good luck with your creative hands!!


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