Not dead and artsy

I have a lot of photos to share with you :) So here we go:

It may look sweet but in reality this smelly dog of ours slept in my parents untidy bed again and the cat was trying to punch her ;P The cat was running to fast for me to take a good photo so only the one where she was getting ready looks sharp enough. On the other way my dog is deadly afraid of all sorts of cameras - maybe she thinks her soul will be stolen when I take a picture of her. Who knows :)

Some time ago I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a cat. It's already finished but I can't show it before Christmas as it's a surprise Christmas gift. But it looks great :)

 I am crafty lately because I found something that really caught my attention - beaded embroidery. I've already made 3 cell phone cases with beads; one sold, one a Christmas gift. I have few more on the way - the one with a yellow flower will be for sale.

 My cat likes to accompany me when I work (she actually sleeps on my knees right now too). To be true: I prefer when she sleeps while I work since she can make a great mess when she's awake. Lately she has run through my oil paints palette 3 times, each of the time ending in a struggle of washing her paws with a soap under the tap.

Sweet kitty as a conclusion of my live lately. Marie Antoinette usually sleeps in weird poses. It's so cute :)



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