Daily Sketch and Animation Course 3

It seems that my Daily Sketches have slowed down somehow. I still have few to show you but I don't find the power to make more. Or rather - power to make them everyday. This city I'm in right now brings me down so much. It's like being trapped in it and only thing I can think about is getting back home during weekends. I feel like crying all the time :(
What is the worst part - it's not a homesickness. I felt just right in a previous hotel I've stayed in. But now the place where I live is just wrong. I can hear cars and other vehicles driving just outside my window 24/7, there's no park or even a bit of greenness near the hotel and wherever you go there is always a grand road just beside you and you cannot get away from those damn cars and noises.
Yesterday I tried to find a bit of peacefulness in a local mart (I've tried it once and it was quite 'empty') but it was loaded with annoying people - each of them yelling or screaming and hurrying somewhere without reason. I could not possibly bare sitting with them in a crowded cafeteria so I just bought something for supper (cheese and rolls) and went back to the noisy hotel. Gosh, how much I hate it here :(


Few happier things now :)

- I bought a cookbook (my first!) which is all about chocolate sweets XD 120 recipes for cakes, cookies, desserts and so on. I'll make my first thing as soon as I go back home on Friday. It's a secret which one has been chosen but I'll show you photos what came out of it.

- It's high time to boast about it: I got a little watercolour Moleskine notebook from my Love on my birthday :) It looks lovely and there's already one picture inside of it. Not watercolour unfortunately (I don't have watercolours with me here this week) but still looks lovely.

- I have a prototype project of my first book! By now it has too many pages but since it's in a form of an album I can easily decide later on which ones should stay or go. It's quite easy to guess what it is about (no, not about Faceless Faeries) :D

- The Animation Course goes very well. Here you can see some things I am (or was) working on:

Always keep in mind those good things :)



  1. widze ze wrzucilas tego potwora z zBrush'a :P

  2. @Aria
    A ja widzę, że chyba nie chciało Ci się czytać treści bloga ;]


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