Resolve - Illustration Friday

"Resolve", it's like resolution for me. It's like being bold and taking chances. A bit like living your life to the full.

Knowing who you are and what you want.

She knows it for sure:


I'm listening to the "Twilight" soundtrack right now. Gosh, I love those songs. So much energy hides inside them, falling out, spreading with every note, with every sound. Like I could stay up all night listening. (What I will probably do...)

Since it seems I like the movie so much I think it's high time to think why is it so. Maybe I like vampires' stories so much, they were my companions when I was a teen. Or maybe it's only the love story - being a bit lame and used so many times - but still a LOVE story; the one every girl wants to be in. And I would have no objections, too.

It's something the "Harry Potter" series have too. Something that makes you wanna jump into the story, to be a part of it. The worlds showed there are so much more interesting than the one we live in, that's the fact. There's magic behind every corner and a mystery in every box - things so hard to be found in our everyday life.

Things that we're longing to always make us be very subjective. So maybe it's not a good story? Maybe it just fits my actual needs.

Nevertheless, I want to see it again and again and again and read the book and listen to those songs all over again. Oh yes!



  1. Great illustration! I actually like the books, more than the movie. Sometimes your mind does a much better job than a movie!

  2. No wonder why you are so inspired. I loved that movie too :)

    pati @-;--

  3. Wonderful illustration and sentiment. That is a wonderful resolution.


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