Pigs and re-thoughts

Today we, me + my <3, went on a Guinea Pigs' Show. I don't find them cute, in opposite to hamsters, but I wanted to see different breeds of this animal since I saw only the one my friend had (with an out-of-bed furstyle :P). I've made few photos of the more interesting ones:

This one looks like it has a hole in it's head :D

Bad hair day...

Am I a little hippo or what?



2 days ago I watched the "Twilight" again and wondered what's with it that I like so much. Since I went to bed almost just after the movie I written my reflections on my cell phone. And here are they:

I watched the movie again and now I can say it's all about The Love Story that is impossible to happen in reality. It's this love full of secrets and future plans unknown to anybody, even the lovers.
Those loves are always based on the things that disappear as first in the real world, when a relationship is up and running for a while. In real life those secret moments and plans are the things you need to care about; it's something you have to always keep in mind so it won't fade away.
But when you go further and deeper it appears that all those love stories - both in real life and in the imaginary world - are the same. They both have this magic, this THING that makes you want to elope just to keep the moment forever.
However, we often forget about the good things we have, or may have, and fall for love stories created by other people's imagination. Forgetting that the love shown there always somehow misses the everyday life's problems; doesn't know bad days or not-so-good humours. The love we may have in the real life, in opposite, has those features and looks much more vibrant with them.
What's more - there's nothing better than a kiss after a meaningless fight ;)

While re-writing it I thought that the pursuit of ideal love sounds like a teenage attitude. Sometimes I feel a bit retarded in this field of life - watching/reading about couples, imagining how good they may feel together. BUT! I can also divide real life with my <3, who is not a vampire nor a wizard, from the stories made by someone else. It's good to make your own story *nods*

But I always wanted to be fairy! XD



  1. niezbyt ładne to szczury co ich zdjęcia tu umieściłaś... ;/ szczególnie obleśne są te wydepilowane! ohyda :P

    powiedz, ile razy już oglądałaś ten film? ;-)

  2. I love the hamsters! I like the one with a a wave of hair on top, about 3 or 4 down. Cute! I agree, Twilight has a great forbidden love appeal. Something about youth, love, and impossibilites.

    By the way, the next book I'm illustrating is about "Zishe", a polish jewish strongman from the early 1900's.


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