27 things on my 27th birthday

When I see this list I start to think when I will find time for all this, but a whole year is a lot of time. And it's good to push oneself harder to do more and do it better.

Here's a list for this year. Deadline - 12th August 2013.

1. Do something nice every day.
2. Illustrate 1 old fairy tale.
3. Publish 2 of my books on the Internet.
4. Create and wear my T-shirt design.
5. Sew and decorate 2 pillow cases.
6. Get prints in my Etsy shop.
7. Make a set of pendants to sell.
8. Introduce 3 new ideas to my shop.
9. Draw at least 1 cat comic a month.
10. Create a short animation.
11. Make a 2013 calendar.
12. Learn basics of Finnish on my own.
13. Go to a language school and study hard.
14. Finish reading 'The Witcher'.
15. Win a contest.
16. Wear more skirts and dresses.
17. Make 5 recipes from my pasta cook book.
18. Go on a long car trip.
19. Fly on a plane.
20. Create a Book Of Adventures.
21. Try 3 new things.
22. Learn 2 new things.
23. Visit 3 new places.
24. Make my life more Zen.
25. Practice yoga.
26. Control anger.
27. Work hard.

Lately I've noticed that I'm getting more and more mean and angry. Don't know if I'm just surrounded by wrong people or in a bad moment of my life or just getting old and turning into a vicious crazy cat lady - either way it's not very good. Just bad, actually. So I've decided to go through a project of doing something good to someone every single day. I've read somewhere about it and it seems to be a great change from a normal day to day life. I don't want to be an angry weirdo! That's why two points from my list are dedicated to this attitude change.

Another problem I'd like to solve is my always-lurking-somewhere-behind-me self insecurity. There are those days when I feel completely out of place and without any set purpose, like a little ant waiting only for some shoe to squash it. Not really a nice feeling, I must admit. So I've decided to create a Book Of Adventures to comfort me during those bad moments - it will be filled with all those good things that happened to me which show that I'm not just an ant. That I've made and I'm still making my mark on this planet, and this mark is not just a wet squash spot ;) It's a bit like in 'Up' movie but with art achievements included.

The rest of the points will keep me rollin' all year long, busy with my personal growth. Can't wait to start ^__^

Here's the last year's list, if you'd like to see how it went.



  1. I hope that your 27th year is full of discovery, purpose and satisfaction!


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