Adelaida's year 2008 in pictures and photos

I saw on my friend's blog (Hanasu) something very interesting: a summary of a whole year in pictures and photos. Since I think the visual side of the world works better than the spoken/written one I want to share my 2008 year with you too :3

I'll present each month by the best art created by my and the best photo taken in that specific month. So here we go:


"Mombi's Pot" made for a Collectible Card Game. I had some hard time doing it (since I'm a bit lazy) but I love the final effect!

It's a tasty one - self-made gingerbread syrup for coffees :3 I could add a LOT of it into my coffee mug :)


I think that in this work I moved to the next level of my digital faerie works.

Me + <3 :3="" again="" br="" go="" holidays="" i="" on="" snowboard="" there="" wanna="" winter="">


First such big work with so many details made in a quite new way for me :) Final effect is stunning :D



One of my favourite traditional printings. Of course hated by my teachers ;)

Photo made during drawing classes. You can see our fabulously shaped model ;]


That was a big one. And the first time we painted not only male model (Rysio) but also a women! wow :3

And a sketchy sketch to that painting on a school exhibition! I'm so proud :)


Oil faerie paintings rule!

At my grandparents' place, the one in the country. I could sit there and just watch the clouds moving all day long.


One of my favourite drawings from an art camp in Chelmno, Poland. Shitty place. Nice cats :)

And my favourite photo from that camp :) taken by Bartosz


Painting digitally as I paint with oils. Looks nice :)

Although we started painting Bartosz's room before I went on the art camp - we had still sooooo much to do! Who painted the room? Me, Bartosz, Kuba, my sister Kate, the Monstrous Princess and Kate the Smoking One :D


Simple idea, not even mine, but the result... !

Still working on the room. Bartosz goes crazy :P


Month of ill and sick people as I see it now. This picture was made for Karemelancholia from DA who is very ill :/

And here's my little sister, Zuu, at the hospital. It really makes me wanna cry when I remember her staying there :(


Finally started working on my diploma project works, at least started sketching :) This one is truly magical for me!

Taken at my grandparent's place - a banknote from the very old times... And it's so NOT in Polish (though it's from Polish "territory")


Evidence that quick works can look good too :) But I prefer making those slower ones ;)

A picture taken while making a little photographic session of our friend, Eve. She would be a nice faerie :)

It's good to remember years like this :)


PS. Bartosz's room is still not finished ;) (But the wall with my painting is!)


  1. What a pretty year you had!

  2. zostałaś nominowana :) zapraszam do mnie!


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