Super Cat sneakers

Freeze! It's the Super Cat!

Some time ago I bought a pair of cheap white sneakers with a purpose of painting them. And the time has come to do so!

(Especially because my old sneakers are falling apart)

When I first thought of it, while being in a shoe shop, I was quite sure they will be blue and will have clouds on. Today I decided that it would be interesting to go with the flow and not plan what else will appear on them.

So I've set everything up, prepared my paints (acrylics) and brushes, started playing Star Wars II  on my computer and... BAM!... a Super Cat appeared from nowhere! :D Well, he's a super cat - they tend to appear from nowhere ;)

Here are some progress photos:

Oh, how I love those shoes! I will surely make more, it's so much fun. And there are never enough of super-cat-and-stars shoes!

Finally, I've shown the shoes to one of the cats, and it seems he approves. Thankfully! :D

I think I can treat this shoe painting as one of my Challenge's topic - limited palette. I've used only white, black and light blue acrylic.

How do you like them? :) Maybe you've got some propositions for next shoes?



  1. ciekawe jak dlugo c sie utrzyma ;D

    1. Wg tutoriali w internecie utrzymuje sie tak długo jak trampki. Bardziej bym się więc o nie martwiła... Tanie chińskie trampki nie są znane ze swej długowieczności.

  2. Fantastic! I love the progress shots and the end product is adorable. Well done!

  3. Great idea and wonderful execution of it.
    Well done!

  4. What a beautiful idea and execution :)

  5. Beautiful, colorful, and adorable~

  6. Wow they look amazing! You'll be inundated with requests now! :)
    Jess xx


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