Color Palette Challenge

It's been almost a year since I came to a conclusion that the way I use colours suck hard and I should do something about it. It was one of the best decisions of my twenties, really (the next best decision was getting to know human anatomy better).

The Color Palette Challenge I use is the one by FallenZephyr that I found on DeviantArt. But any kind of palettes' collection would work. It's more about using colours and colour combinations that you would not think of on your own.

Here are few of the first ones I did:

(you can almost feel the struggle coming off of them)

Here are some of the new ones:

I love the progress. It's so encouraging!!!!

All the Color Palette Challenges I did are posted and tagged on my tumblr blog here.



  1. Wow, you completely changed your style and subjects somehow?? I remember your cute animal watercolor paintings when I think of your art :) But it looks great! I know the struggle of not knowing color well and failing with every picture haha. But your tests look great, especially the second row is very atmospheric (first one!!).

    1. Oh I still do watercolour animals! But decided to give humans more screen time too :)


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