Contained - Illustration Friday

I know it's not a new work but it fits the IF's theme too much to ignore it :)

This drawing shows the contains of man's and woman's heads. I've made a little research about what may be there:
--> Woman's - a lot of paths, impossible to be remembered to anybody else than herself; everything is on it's place.
--> Man's - simple&wide "roads" and big rooms; a lot of sexy ladies and a very very big mess; there also have to be a fridge full of beers and a big flat screen TV. However there's also a place for the One and Only and a place where girls have no access :)

Those two, so different, heads have something in common though..

Let's have a bit closer look :)

There has to be a cat somewhere in the girl's head :D

Pizza and beer

The secret :)



  1. Perfect work full of amazing details! I can stare long time on this...
    Best regards from Czech Rep.

  2. Wow, wow. Nice detail!

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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