The journey began

One Sunday (18th of January '09) I woke up with the inner need of making something (at last) out of all those beads and stuff I've collected. Unfortunately, as it usually is, when I sat down to work it appeared that the needles I had are all too big and the smallest beads can not possibly go through them and the wire was too delicate and I had only very small and very big beads lacking the medium ones... It made me feel a bit sad :( I've been collecting stuff from some time and still there was not everything there. So I left it all and started to read (Harry Potter :P).

I came back to those jewellery issues when it was dark outside and I've decided that there must be something I could possibly make from all those things I had after all. I've took my mum's old necklace pearls (are those really pearls? ;)) and a bit of thicker wire (that was really 'a bit' - should have bought more...). I wanted to do something immensely simple, something that won't make me hate creating my own jewellery but would be a nice start after that not-so-nice beginning of the day. And taa-daam! Maria Antonina appeared after about 10 minutes :D Great start :3

Maria Antonina (Marie Antoinette)

Then, while watching a movie, "Lawendowe Wzgórza", I was wondering if it'd be handy to make some of the beads myself using polymer clay. I bought a set of colours some time ago and have hardly used them. So I've made few stars (gosh, they're awful) and an idea with cats hanging on their tails came to me. I've made them from one piece of clay (so they won't have weaker points). After putting them into a hot water for 15 minutes I've painted them with acrylics a bit and then added a layer of transparent varnish (actually nail polish :D). They've appeared to be very light so I think I'll use polymer clay for making not only little figures like those cats but also some fancy and big beads that will bring viewers attention :) I've never played much with polymer clay but I think it would be a good idea to start.

Psotnicy (Pranksters)


Yesterday I went on Beading Jewellery Workshops organized in our empik. There was a lady who was always ready to help and few people, also children, eager to create something in this, unknown for them?, way. There were beads, wires and other stuff for us to use for free. However, there was no place for making someone's mind work creatively - when you was thinking and inventing other ladies were using the beads you wanted too. So it was a rather quick working process and the idea, good or bad, had to come fast and could not be possibly changed on the way - there was no time for that. The first idea that came to me was, of course, earrings. I saw interesting ones some time ago - except of a 'normal' earring thingy they also had a ring all around. And this was exactly what I did. Although not made in superb circumstances, the effect is good enough to be told about here :D Well... OK... I must admit - I like those ones and the look fab when you have them on. Those glittering circles and a candy-like bead are sooo in my type *^__^*


Then I've made a simple bracelet for my little sister so she could give it to one of her toys (they need to have a decent jewellery; you knew that, didn't you?). The bracelet was made using a wire but now I can clearly see that it would look a lot better if made with fishing line :) at least they would look better then if worn by a human being but a plush crocodile looks nice in it as it is now ^^

Oaza (Oasis) on Clementine. Henry VIII looks a bit jealous :D

My friends Kuba and Bartosz were there with me and they've appeared quite useful :) Kuba would be a good jewellery maker too!


Oh! And because I've actually started doing something I've also invented a logo for my artisan crafts :3 Nice, isn't it? :)

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  1. My sister in law is an incredible jewelry maker, she's inspired me to dable, but I get frustrated a lot. Unfortunate as I have toooons of beads at the moment


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