Regal - Illustration Friday; Daily Sketch - 99

I've decided to change my daily Sketch into Daily Dictionary (I have been doing this some time ago - you make a sketch on one specific word). But because there are so many Illustration Friday themes I have not used before I've decided to do them - from the oldest ones to most recent. First one was 'vintage' and I'm changing my sketch of it into a watercolour piece (you can see the process on my LiveStream channel; it's not finished yet) and the second one is 'regal' and that's what came out of it :)

Regal manners :3

You can see the process of making this piece here:

Watch live streaming video from adelaida at livestream.com

My friend Kamila and my sister are making those Daily Sketches too!



  1. Awesome!! It was were instructive to watch you drawing! Thank you for sharing this. My daughter is today at home -sick- and we enjoyed watching the video togeher. Now she wants to draw too (and so do I!) Can I ask you what application you used? Is it Photoshop? Illustrator?

  2. @Nur I'm gald you both liked it so much :) I painted it in Photoshop cs3

  3. So cute, I want to go eat a cupcake with that cat.


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