I have few things and photos that I want to show you. Here we go:

Some time ago when I was surfing on the Internet (it's sad but I actually surf on the Internet without any particular goal sometimes... It's so time consuming but you can find interesting stuff by accident too!) I found an interesting item. A box with empty postcards made of watercolour paper. I thought that it's a nice idea to make your own postcards and, although there's no problem in cutting bigger watercolour paper into postcard sized pieces, I found the box very appealing :P See for yourself

The idea of making postcards seemed adequate to my latest membership - in International Union of Mail-Artists. It sounds like fun and it's very creative so I want to try it.

Far now I've tried painting envelopes :D
A tip for you - if you wonder what type of paper is good for acrylics I will tell you - it's not the one envelopes are made of.

Tip number 2 - if you just have to make sth pretty on an envelope don't use coloured pencils, paints are a better idea.

 Pencils like to make holes :/

Oh, and here are bunnies I won as a give-away from Pankimanki. The one on the left is Gaia and the one on the right is Hansel. They are sleeping next to my collection of Beatrix Potter's books :)

I still have few photos to show you. But I think it's enough for now :3


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