Beneath - Illustration Friday

Occupied with everyday life we sometimes don't see our true selves. We don't look beneath our own skin.

I wanted to make this piece watercolour but since there's no time left for that the ink version have to do it. Unfortunately, there are no as many details as I wanted to make (because this piece was intended to be a final sketch for watercolour). So you have to imagine that:
- most of the leaves on the tree are visible and quite detailed
- those bruises and sparkles on the water are well drawn too - you can see that it's a water already but in a better version you'd also think that it's a damn pretty water :D
- the thing on the girls hair is a bird's nest and there are little birds inside it and bigger ones flying nearby
And that would be the main point of this work - in everyday life we only hear that those noisy little birds are living in our hair and making it a mess. We can not see that we are like a home tree for them.

More sketches for this work:

My cat Marie Antoinette (Tosia) helped me too :3

*Oh, those silly drawings... Can't you do something more constructive?*

*Play with me!* It's quite hard to teach her not to bite paper. She already left her marks on my too-freaking-expensive-paper for traditional printing.


 And now it's time for a silly face :D :D



  1. So beautiful!! I love this and the concept behind it! So true! And Marie Antoinette...so cute!! I have a soft spot for adorable cats and of course my own ball of fluff does this when I am working as well... makes me feel guilty that I have to work rather than play with her! :)

  2. Oh this is just wonderful I actually like that its not so complete it has a sense of freedom, I love loose lines and the texture of pencil and ink.

  3. This is a wonderful take on the IF for this week! It is beautiful! And I love the kitty kat extras...toooo cute!! My cat LOVES to help me paint,,,I think he was an artist in one of his former nine lives:)

  4. co zrobilas jej z pyszczkiem?! Kochany kotek :3


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