Blue Dog and his fluffy tail

(like a bottle cleaning brush)

I really wish I could be a part of more books like this one.
Pretty please ・:*(〃∇〃人)*:・

Book is about children/animals with issues and a Blue Dog that helps them cope (I cried a river while reading it + two lakes while painting the emotional parts)

First try outs of a style. I drew with pencil + coloured in Photoshop. Later on I decided to stick to Photoshop only so that all necessary changes won't be too painful and time-consuming

☆ more pictures under the cut ☆

Designs of characters

  Cover designs + end result

And here are some finished illustrations + cover inset designs.

 That was lots of pictures :)

Truth be told - I think I levelled up two tiers in painting abilities because of this book. And I really enjoyed that experience.


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