Marie Antoinette

Some people already know about it but most of you don't. There's been a huge change in my life :3 And what other can it be than...


Say *hello* to Marie Antoinette (aka Tosia)

Tosia has been a little dirty kitten when we found her. She was scared and needed a home

Well, how anyone with a smiley on a tummy can not find a loving home? :3

Now she feels just right, loves to play and bite my plants ;]

And she sleeps most of the day (oh, how much I'd love to sleep for so long too! However, when I sleep, she is acting like a wild demon sprinting back and forth across my bed...)

She's a cutie, isn't she? :3

Some time ago a pair of little kittens appeared in our neighbourhood. They were motherless and were just walking around looking lost. Immediately kids from my block of flats arranged food, water, milk and sleeping box for them. They were playing with them everyday after school. I wanted to see the kittens too but every time I went out they were somewhere else.
I've got this excellent plan that I will take both of them home and keep as mine. There is a problem with my dad in this matter because, although he likes cats, he thinks they devastate furniture too much. So, oh naughty me, I wanted to bring them home on Monday when he's gone for work till Friday. Then my family would fall in love with the kittens and there would be no way for dad to change the situation (and he would just fall in love with them too). Unfortunately, when I came to find them on Sunday 26th September I saw that one of the kittens is dead. We think that one of the dogs living in the block has killed it. He, the kitten, was known for his friendly attitude so it was just a matter of time for something bad to happen. The other kitten was more shy and scared so stayed alive. When I told my mum about this death she immediately decided that the second kitten has to be taken home so nothing bad happens to her. We all think that it was so so so stupid to take action only after bad things happened. Kittens without a cat-mum are in danger all the time, we should have taken them home or to an animal shelter just after they appeared in the neighbourhood. I hope that next time we'll be wiser.

Later on we found out that a stupid kid from our block took the kittens from their mother and brought them to the block. Their real home was not that far away but there was no way for them or for their cat-mum to find the way.

But let's smile! Marie Antoinette is happy now and we are wiser too - it's a great beginning for better times :)



  1. She is such a pretty kitty! It's sad about her sibling but at least she will get lots of love in your home.

  2. to jest Mruczuś, a nie żaden Tosia.


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