Light Box

Say hello to my new friend Aurora :)

She's a light box, or should I rather say, a light TABLE, since she's enormous! 

I have been looking for a light box for a while, even considering making one by myself (or by my-Love). And suddenly I've found a Polish company that provides plexiglass but they also make  light boxes. Cheap ones. For my monstrous Aurora I've paid 360 PLN (about  126 USD or 91 EUR). And she's 60cm x 60cm (23.6x23.6 inch). Other light boxes I've found were 1/3 smaller and twice as expensive.

She'll be a great addition for my atelier when I will have one eventually :) Gosh, I can't wait to start making some huge sketches on it :D


1 comment:

  1. znowu ten kot, wszędzie ten kot!
    swoją drogą nie przypuszczałem że zmieści Ci się toto na biurku


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