A random fact about me - free illustrations

For some time now I make illustrations for free for a children's web page wużecik.pl. There every month children can find stories, nursery rhymes, games, etc. connected with one theme. For example BATS:

All the stories and illustrations that can be found on the website are made for free, to entertain and teach kids, not to earn a fortune. It always makes me feel better inside when I share my abilities with others that can really appreciate it - I make children's illustrations so is there anyone better for appreciation than a child?
I don't know what will be a theme for this month's stories but what I've illustrated is about helping at home and not fighting too much. And cooking :)

Hope I'll do more of those charity illustrations. Sometimes it's better to crete sth you like for free than get money for shitty stuff someone wants for you for money *nods*

Gosh, Marie Antoinette is trying to catch my fingers while I type this ;P Silly cat.


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