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This year I have a problem with my ideas for the diploma project. I always keep on thinking if they are not 'cheap'; wonder if they show something more even when they are simple. Last year one of my teachers said most of my ideas are kitsch. She said they are not sexy and not mysterious, they are just awful. 'Shitty', she said. And if she wasn't a person I'm looking up to I'd just forgot about her words. But I want her to look at my works someday and say: 'I'm proud of what you've become'. So now I think of and re-thinking every idea. I don't want to make political works or those concerning world issues. I just want to create my very own world in those works but will it be kitsch?

Here you can find works from my previous year:
Lady Mist
The only one that my teacher liked (A LOT!) is this one Mamuna III.

First of all, I'll pay more attention to the anatomy of the figures in my works. No matter what thay show or symbolize, if they are wrongly draw the whole piece looks like shit.

Second thing, I'll try to find the essence of myself through those works. I know it sounds a bit narcistic but I think that each and every person has a deep and unknown secrets laying down somewhere inside one's heart and mind. Artists' goal is to find and show them. And who will be the most patient and easy to get in touch with model? The artist herself! I think it may be a very interesting journey to the inside of my soul. Sometimes even I don't know what's hiding there. This project will try to check it out and bring out to my works.

Finally, I'll stay with my last year's idea - poems. But this time printings will not be just illustrations of them. They both will go along. Poems will be precisely chosen to fit the mood, not the scene, of the work and will just flow together. I have so many favourite poems and quotations that I'll surely not have problem with finding the most suitable ones.

To sum up, my idea is: my own romantic point of view showing those remote places in the anxious and busy world where you can still be yourself. This few single moments when you can breathe easily again.


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