Doggie postcard

It's a rarely seen thing here - more dogs than cats!

Some time ago I've been asked to create a super cute illustration with plenty of animals for a postcard for District Dog, a pet shop in Brooklyn, NY. I liked the idea and I fell in love with the overall look of the shop - it's so much different from those I see here in Poland.

But let's get back to the illustration! Here's a bit of the process :)

 I've started with finding my way in drawing animals that were supposed to be on the postcard. I have never drew a parrot so it took me a while to 'feel' it. But I skipped the cat and bunny process - I draw them a lot and didn't really want to make them look different than they usually do. They look just fine as they are :)

 Then it was time for few sketches of the composition. I start with the tiny thumbs, then make a bit bigger ones where you can actually see what's there.

 Then I re-make them to look clean and pretty, for everyone to see and understand what I mean. Green and orange areas are the places when text can be put.

 Transferring the sketch.

 Artistic mess :)

 And the finished picture. I like it a lot :) And this paper is superb - so thick!

 And here you can see a colour composition I've made and the final image. I've made only few minor changes along the way (blanket on the left has got a bit different pattern, there is an additional tea cup, a tea towel hanging on a handle is green, not blue). I usually make changes while painting and add details without further consideration :) It's just how I like to do it.

And here's the actual postcard that you can get at the District Dog :)

Super cute, isn't it?

 Hope you like it ^^



  1. It's really lovely and I wouldn't call that a mess! It looks pretty neat to me! :)
    Jess xx

    1. Thank you :) A bit of mess is necessary to feel free and just go wild with ideas, paints and pencils ;)

  2. This is amazing, Adelaida..the art and the process you have shared with us! Wish more artists and designers would share their work this way, it's better than attending art school:)

    1. Thank you :) I always liked to watch how others do their work so it was natural for me to share it too. I'm glad you find it helpful and interesting ^^

  3. Adelaida, we are delighted with the end results. Thank you so much!!

  4. It's wonderful to see all the process! And the illustration is sooo cute!!
    I loved the paper too :) ¿Which paper is that?

    1. I'm glad you liked it :)
      This paper is dedicated to oils and acrylics and it's something about 400g/m. So you can just ask for a paper for acrylics and oils (but don't mention you'll use it to paint with watercolours! In the art shop where I buy it, clerk always gets nervous when I say 'that thick paper for watercolours' :P)

  5. Hi Aleksandra. So cute! :)
    You mention the paper is superb, so thick. May I ask you which paper is used?
    Is it stretched? What do you use to attach the paper on the board?
    And on what kind of board do you use?
    I know, a lot of questions ;)
    But I love your kind of illustrations ;)



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