From my sketchbook #10

I have shown part of my newest sketches in this post (about making a postcard illustration) but I've got something more going on here!

On Halloween my youngest sister is turning 12 and I wanted to create party invitations for her birthday party. Of course, they will be Halloween themed and probably everything at the party will be about ghosts, monsters, witches and black cats. I've started sketching and then I thought that maybe other people are making Halloween parties too and would love to use some cute party invitations! That's why those 4 designs will go to my Etsy shop as printable PDFs. Hopefully I will make them during this weekend so they can be up and running for a while before 31st of October :)


You may not know it (I have no idea if I have mentioned it before) but for some time I have been making an illustrated diary. I've started drawing small and silly pictures on my wall calender back in the first year when I started dating my Love. On the next year I bought a notebook calendar and was able to draw more. Now it's always a spacious diary/journal/calendar and I draw my bunny story every single day.

The best thing is, when I start reading some of the old calendars, it's actually pretty funny to see what stupid things I've been making. And this bunny-me is quite hilarious! :D

Do tych, którzy są w stanie przeczytać co tam nabazgrałam - ja-królik używa sporo brzydkich słów. Na codzień nie posługuję się tak soczystym językiem, ale do opisywania moich przygód brzydkie słowa nad wyraz dobrze pasują ;)



 About making a spinach cannelloni: *Is it ready yet?* / *Not yet! Why are you in such a hurry?*

I was not in a mood to work that day ;P


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