Watercolour workshop - day 4

This time I've finished my lighthouse picture. It's my favourite but photos don't show all its beauty :/

I will scan it later on and we'll see what comes out of it. Although I'm pretty sure that the scanner will eat all those light colours...

 You may remember from the previous day that I've covered the sea with paper tape (so it wouldn't get dirty from the rocks). It appears that you can use that technique to make really nice walls or rocks ;)

 I've managed to rescue that part, however :D

 Everything all over the place got really dirty while making textures.

 We were playing cards and chess while waiting for the layers to dry :)

 And remember, never take off masking fluid before the paper dries completely - otherwise your lighthouse's window will get bigger than intended :/ Of course I knew about it - but my sister was too impatient to wait and scratched it off!

And that's the end of the workshop. There's also a day 5 - architecture, but I was at work during those classes..



  1. Your paintings are all very beautiful and unique!!! They are just lovely!!!! Keep up the great work!!! ^_____^

  2. This is so cool, you seem to be natural with watercolor! It is hard for me to let if flow and see what happens. I always want to be in control, but these look great and the light is really amazing! So fun to do art with sisters too!

    1. I like to be in control of my paints too - that's why it was a brand new thing to me, to let the paints do what they want ;) But it felt nice! You should try it. If you don't have deadlines nagging you and you just want to relax then it's a best thing.


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