Personal Thursday #4

What, wait! But where's number 1, 2 and 3?
Will get back to that in a minute, promise! :)

Some time ago I've decided to dedicate one day of a week to my personal stuff. That would be one day that I would do absolutely nothing for my job, for my shop or for my customers - just personal projects. It's a time to try new things, new techniques or just watch movies all day without guilt and without this nagging feeling of everything being more urgent than myself. 

So let me introduce my Personal Thursday blog posts, where I'll show what personal projects I'm currently working on :)


It appears that those four Thursdays were just a warm-up for the true PTs - getting used to doing whatever I want, no matter what's on my to-do list can be quite tricky!

PT #1 - I went to sleep. That was exactly what I needed :)
PT #2 - I was reading 'The Magician's Apprentice' by Trudi Canavan. It's so hard to find time to read! Then I finished this cover illustration. I know it's not my personal project but after reading for about 4 hours I felt ready to do something not-personal :)

PT #3 - I was on a watercolour workshop that day - painting just for myself.

And this week it was Personal Thursday #4 and look what I did!

Some photos' quality and colours are dramatic - they were taken during night and there was not much I could do to rescue them...

This is a wedding gift that my school friend assigned me to create. It's still not a personal work but I could paint almost whatever I wanted and however I wanted. And it was totally new for me to paint with acrylics on a canvas, then add soft pastels and coloured pencils. Loved the effect, though!

That's all for this Thursday - I will show you new projects next week :)


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