From my sketchbook #11

 Here are my newest sketches. This time I have even few from my work to show you ^^

First page: a project for my Personal Thursdays - I did something else this week but the kitty lost in the woods is still waiting for its turn! Second page: Purr on a boat. It could be a short story of how boring fishing can be ;)

 First page: sleepiness! Second page: secret project :3

And here are bits from my work :) Some flowers and cute animals. They will be changed into embroidery or a silkscreen print. We'll see.

 And here's Purr (again; oh Purr, you're everywhere!) explaining how to print printables from my Etsy shop. The final instruction looks super cute :)



  1. Your kittens are so cute !!^_^

  2. awwwwww your scketchbook is so cute <3, I lu to do animals too specially rabbits and cats, show my blog if you want :D
    I luv your style <3<3<3<3<3

    saludos!!! from Chile


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