Personal Thursday #6

This week I was quite sick but I still wanted to create something for myself - not a very good idea! I decided to sew a tablet case made of denim (from old pants) + old scarf as lining + a little felt pocket for a screen wiping cloth.

I felt as if my brain was almost turned off. It was as if I had zero control in what was happening. Constant coughing and running nose were not helping me in this situation either. I should have gone to bed!

But I didn't and my tablet has got a new home now :)

Everything that could be sewn crookedly, attached on a wrong side or cut uneven - has been done so! But it's still cute. And the ladybug button is a sweet cherry on top of that cuteness :D

My advice for you - do not sew when you are sick.



  1. jezeli w ogole jeszcze potrafi sie szyc heheh :D duzo zdrowia zycze!! :)


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