From my sketchbook #9

It's hard to scan from this spiralled notebook, so photos will have to do ;)

 Snot the mini cat :) Comic about her is on the way and will appear soon on The Meow Blog

 You will see more of those tea cup animals soon :D Oh yes, you will! And maybe some dachshunds too!

 Custom gift on the way. I think it will be a bookmark. The cat on the top is my Purr :)

 Sketches for this illustration. Of course I didn't do any colour sketches and really hated myself for that later on...

 In the past I was drawing fashion illustrations quite often. Now I make them only on rare occasions, don't really know why.

 I've written a short story about a bouncing bunny - to commemorate my topic being chosen by Illustration Friday as a weekly topic ('bounce'). The text is ready, now I only need to work a bit on the thumb illustrations. And then you'll see a mini dummy book, I suppose :)

That's all for now. My new sketchbook really gets me going with all my ideas. I just want to draw all the time.



  1. I love sketchbooks. I love looking inside other people's and I love having my own. Thankyou for giving us a peep, I love your sketches!
    Jess x x

    1. That's exactly what I think of sketchbooks, too! :) An insight to other people's creative process. The same goes with photos of their art studios or just a messy working places - I love to see those :)


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