Spring comes together with changes

I don't remember if I have already announced it on Twitter but let's do it properly - I've got a proper job! :) This is one of my New Year's Resolutions and is very important for me.

It's not only about the money. I feel that I need to have a constant income so I can slowly upgrade my artistic style. Lately, I've been feeling so not-in-my-own-skin when it comes to illustrating. So I need time and a lot of, probably lame, tries on a new way of creating without a never fading worry about the money.

Going further, I want to start something more complicated in my illustrations. I would like them to be more sophisticated and "beautiful", not just "nice". I don't know if I can explain it properly but I fave this feeling inside and hopefully it will show me which path is the best. In this try-out period I won't be searching for commissions or other art jobs as much as I usually do; I would like to concentrate only on my personal upgrade. It's a very bad feeling I've got right now, I just want to work on getting rid of it ;)

About my job - I will be working in a coffee shop (Wayne's Coffee, a Swedish shop) :D Gosh, I love coffee! And now I will be making it all day long. And drinking as much as I want (but not too much - it could get really unhealthy ;P). I have, of course, made a goal to achieve there too! I will be practising Latte Art! Right now I'm not that keen on it but I will have plenty of time and plenty of coffees to practise on :) When I get better I'll take photos of what I create and post them here. Hope my Latte Art will look superb!

And now few spring photos: crocuses in a park.



  1. the ladybug is cute

  2. Congratulations in your new job! I too decided to get a job this year and have started to work in a toyshop. I don't earn very much as an artist and by having an income (very tiny!) I can feel more relaxed with my artwork and not feel so guilty at not earning anything. Good luck with yours!


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