Books of inspiration - March and April

 As you know, for an artist it's very important to be inspired as much as possible. But during bad times it's almost impossible to feel this creativity flowing in your veins. So for times like this and for those one's that appear to be gloomy or sleepy or just colourless, I collect books. Books to stare at :)

What I've got:
1. 'Chester' by Mélanie Watt
2. 'Beauty and the Beast' by Max Eilenberg with illustrations by Angela Barrett
3. 'Splat the Cat' by Rob Scotton
4. 'Russell the Sheep' also by Rob Scotton

So check out those illustrations. Some are simple, some are amazingly complicated but they all inspire me to work more and always give me a good kick of motivation :)

I have totally forgotten that I have also bought next book by Beatrix Potter to my collection. This time it was 'The tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle'. I have now 11 books written by her - there's still a lot to buy!



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