Cat brooches

I've been commissioned to make 2 cat brooches but because I have no more cat brooches to sale on my Etsy shop I've decided to make three more.

 My little helper ^^

And here it got dark and I had to take photos with my lamp light. Why had to? Because I gave them away when it was still dark in the morning, so there was no other time to take good photos. You just have to imagine that this pinkish colour looks the same as on the pictures above ;)

And here it is with the second cat of which I have got absolutely no photos... I was too tired and I've actually forgotten to take them ;P

Now I have 3 more cats to do but it's not such a hurry with them as it was with the first two. So will probably paint first - I miss painting :D



  1. Supercute! :D
    And work is better with some little helpers :)


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