Newest traditional printings

I haven't shown you yet my newest printings! They are cute! :D
I'll finish them soon - there's not much to do left and then I'll show you bigger and better versions of them. And then, maybe, I'll colour them with watercolours and sell on etsy... Who knows? :3

From the upper left corner: Me reading a book by Beatrix Potter to Faceless Faeries; Faceless Faeries relaxing in a bath; Faceless Faerie Cat having a flight over woods; family portrait of the Faceless Faeries; Faceless Faerie in the morning; Faceless Faeries preparing a vehicle :)

And here are some sneak peeks of what I did yesterday:

Arabic mosaic in oriental princess's room.

Curious birdie standing on Chinese princess's calligraphy table.

I won't make much during the weekend, only sketches for other princesses and I will show you same of the for sure!


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  1. I'm looking forward to see the bigger versions of the printings. I'm very interested in this technique.

    These ones are great, the one with I think its a swimming pool is looking fantastic!


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