Book illustrating - what I like and what I hate

Some time ago I have finished illustrating a book for kids with few stories inside. It was my first time I did all the illustrations with watercolours. Sometimes it was dramatic - you can check my previous posts or twitter cries if you don't remember ;)

Anyway, here's a glimpse:

It all went quite well. I was working every day as long as there was even a bit of sun outside. I could do it as my regular job *nods*

But when I make a project with a very limited amount of time and a lot of pictures to create after some time I have this feeling to change my approach to the given theme. But when you have to work fast there's no time for that. And, actually, it has never been the right time.

Now I'm hoping to have the opportunity to really WORK on a book. Not just sit down and start painting ready images but to think about them and then re-think them few more times.

Hope this wish will come true :)



  1. I completely agree. I am working on two books with pretty crazy deadlines and want to do my next book at a less crazy rate.


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