Masking fluid problems

It happened to me before so I can say I have been prepared.. But actually, every time it happens it shocks me and is a great (and sad) surprise.

When masking fluid goes off with paper and your painting.

Previously it happened to me because I wanted to rip off the fluid when the painting wasn't dry enough. That was my mistake and now I always wait as long as necessary or even longer, just in case. But this time I have no idea why it happened. And as you can see it went off with a lot of the outline.

 Thankfully those ripped off spots are not that visible on the finished picture.

However this one ladybug is kind of fluffy ;)

After this dramatic situation every time I use masking fluid I'm afraid it will ruin my painting. Wonder what was the reason. Maybe you know?



  1. Juz zbieram na taki fluid! :P

  2. I think you aren't supposed to leave it on the paper too long either... maybe that was why?

  3. I agree with Meagan, I was taught not to leave it on for too long. I want to say no longer then 24 hours but I could be wrong. It could also be the quality of the paper you are using.

  4. Używam fluidu maskującego i zostawiam go nie raz dłużej na pracy niż 24 godz. Może powodem tego ,że odszedł z ilustracji razem z papierem jest taki,że za grubo go nalożyłaś.
    A tak przy okazji ślicznie rysujesz.
    Z radością przyłączyłam się do Twojego blogu.


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