Lick it or you will get stains!

Today I found out that I have only time till midnight to create and artwork, make movie out of it and upload it on YouTube if I want to take part in a competition. And I wanted.

So I've spent few hours of non stop creating and then few hours shouting at movie maker software but I've made it on time :) I'm so glad ^^

The contest was about showing how you create a character from one of the Heroes of Might and Magic games. First of all I have chosen to do Raksha Rani - because it's a cat and I usually play with this nation. But it appeared to be too complicated to make his four arms co-operate with each other and the rest of the body....

This is how the sketch looked after more than one hour of sketching - I was constantly erasing some parts and changing them and then I had to change the rest to make it fit and then I've changed my mind and tried another pose and... it was a disaster.

So when I found out, today in the afternoon, that I have not much time left to make my entry I have decided to do something that always comes quick. Sexy girls :) Sexy girls made with pencil and scanned and then coloured in Photoshop - that's my quickest way of creating.

 Played Christina to get into the sexy mood and I was ready to go :)

Normally I use Procaster from LiveStream for screen capture. But, unfortunately, it saves videos in .mpeg4 format and I had no (absolutely no) time for converting them to .avi. So I have used a different software and it was a disaster :/  You can see it on the movie. It was slowing down my computer and the video it created made a lot of errors while processing. Will not use that program again!

Nevertheless, the image came out really neat :) I like it a lot!


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