Tea Party

Recently I have finished making a big commissioned illustration. I really like how it turned out and it's a super good things since works with coloured pencils not always end up as I wished them to. But this one looks amazing ^^

Here are few photos and sketches I've made on the way:

 A quick first sketch just to catch the first impression while reading a text (because this illustration is based on the text).

After that I've made a more accurate character designs. I know that for some those still are sketchy sketches but for me it's enough to remember and be sure how a character looks ;)

Then I remade sketches and compositions of the scenes. (There are two different illustrations - I'll start making the second one tomorrow)

 Fixed and cleaned sketches with a bit more details.

And the same sketches with base colours just to give this overall feeling. 

 Then the idea changed a bit - I had to make the illustration longer so it would fit into a 2 page spread in a square book.

This is what I've printed out to trace lines on a paper where final image will be made. I use my enormous light table Aurora for tracing.

 Few photos of the progress.

 And here are close-ups of the finished image. I really like how the water came out :)

A lot of flowers :)

 This is really nice paper for coloured pencils. I don't like it for watercolours (although they are its supposed destination medium) but this way of using it seems great :)

And the final image! This is a scanned version (have to scan it in 4 parts). This picture looks a lot better when viewed live or on photos but it's too hard to take a nice photo of such a big illustration with my amateur camera...

Hope you like my new illustration as much as I do :)



  1. noo niezle niezle :-P przeciez widzialm na zywo :P a w ogole to bardzo dobry papier masz, jak bedziesz szla do Marty to mi powiedz, albo powiedz jaki to rodzaj papieru,bo zajebisty! :D

  2. @Aria
    Akurat to jest ten papier, który do akwareli sie nie chuchu nie nadaje. Ale okazalo sie, że jest spoko do kredek :) Najlepszy papier do akwareli jaki do tej pory kupilam w Marcie to papier Cansona. Kaa tez kiedys kupila tam papier Cansona w takie cienkie paseczki i byl tak super, ze od tamtej pory ciagle na niego poluje. Niestety bezskutecznie.

  3. C'est magnifique ! I love it ! Characters are so cutes , I like the colors you choose , very lovely illo! ^_^


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