Cell phone cases aka Christmas gifts

Here are beauties I have made for my sister and mum as Christmas gifts. I didn't want to spend a lot of money this year (even if you try to do it in a more cheap way, it still is expensive. A bit less expensive but expensive) so I've decided to share my new talent of making cell phone cases. I think they came out really neat! :)

For my sister Kate:

For my mum:

I've made photos of the green case before Christmas and the purple one's photos are more recent. So my mum have made the case a bit 'fluffy' as she called it ;) But it still looks nice (I just have to trim it once in a while so the heart on the back side won't disappear under this fluffiness).

How do you like them?

I'm just in a progress of making 3 more cell phone cases. All of them will be available on my Etsy shop - Secret Drawer



  1. Podoba mi sie futeral Twojej mum :P Moze dlatego, ze lubie takie kolorki :D

  2. I loooveeee these!!!!!!!!!


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