It's resolutions time, isn't it?

It's already 3rd January so it's high time to write down all the resolutions that will accompany me during this year. But first, let's check how the previous resolutions and their achieving came out:
  • Finish school on time with a satisfying grade -This point got totally messed up. I'm still waiting for my last big exam. Failure.
  • Get my watercolour pieces to a higher level (composition, colours and lines are the main point to focus on). - I think I did it. Earlier I have never spent so much time on any work. I've just sit down and started painting/drawing.
  • Work on details more. - Got it :)
  • Spend more time on each work; think what exactly I want to achieve. - I'm still mastering this point. But it's getting better every time I make something.
  • Start writing children's stories - STARTED! And that would be it...
  • And show the 3rd one somewhere for people to read. - Failure.
  • Never miss a chance of showing my works - Not missed any I have been aware of.
  • Become professional. - Made illustration for 2 books and a stationery collection, I think you can call me a better professional than in 2009 ;)
  • Learn something new and innovative (about what I don't know right now and what will suddenly appear) - I've learnt basics of 3D (but it's not actually my hobby horse). Started making cell phone cases - never thought of it before and now it's something I really enjoy :)
  • Get driving licence. - Failure
  • Find a proper job (so I can illustrate without any financial-connected stress). - I have not been trying to find it actually..
  • Visit some place I have never been before - Visited Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot for the first time.
Accomplished 7 out of 12. It's not an amazing result but I feel very pleased with this past year :) It was a good year.

Resolutions for year 2011:
  •  Stop lying and making excuses - just get down to work.
  • Visit one foreign place and one place in Poland I have never been before.
  • Self-publish a book - by which I mean write it, illustrate and create a final product that will be a neat e-book.
  • Learn Finnish.
  • Learn to cook tasty things for my Love :)
  • Keep my shape - go to yoga and make exercises at least 4 times a week.
And once again points from the previous year, they should be accomplished after all...
  • Finish school goddamnit!
  • Get driving licence.
  • Find a job. Etsy is not enough!
  • Really, really, really try writing something for children (everyone say I'm good at it so why I'm still holding this opportunity back)
 10 points to do this year. Will see what will come out of it :)

However, this year I feel more organized and I can see that some of my goals are much more clear. Last 3 months I've been trying new ways of keeping tracks of things to do and properly managing my time. Right now I'm sticking to Google Calendar and monthly goals that are to be achieved. There's still a lazy ass inside of me but somehow it usually stays hidden :)

Come on 2011, I'm ready for you! :)



  1. @Aria bo dobrze jest mieć jakiś cel a nie żyć sobie ot tak po prostu :)

  2. warto warto, jezeli sie nie tyczy tego, ze musze uzbierac by kupic wreszcie aparat! ehh tak bym juz chciala miec..


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